As a client in this candidate driven market, you need to be able to move quickly when the right candidate comes along. You need to know about good talent immediately, before it’s too late (and he/she has gone to your competitor). Organisations restricted by Preferred Supplier Lists find themselves out of the loop or unable to respond quickly enough (or even just respond) to the perfect candidate because the candidate is not represented by someone on the PSL!

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG, concluded that:

  • Job vacancies have increased at their fastest pace since July 1998;
  • Permanent salary growth is at a six-year high;
  • Permanent job salaries are rising at the fastest pace in six years; and,
  • The number of candidates available to fill permanent, temporary and contract jobs fell sharply in the third quarter of 2013.

Candidates are scarce so we need to be honest from the beginning and manage expectations of our clients.

Clients working with us will find that Sophie is a highly experienced recruiter who understands the speed and expertise required to deliver results in such a candidate driven market.

We never lose sight of the fact that it is you, the employer, who pays our fee. In return for your money we offer skilled candidates, direct to your door as soon as they hit the job market.

We are the experts in finding hard to recruit staff. We won’t waste your time pretending we offer all the services of a traditional but outdated Recruitment Agency. Vacancy focused recruitment has long gone, we offer lightening quick candidate focused recruitment, a fast paced, professional and honest service. Is your organisation agile enough to keep up with the pace?

The benefits of working with Experts2Care:

  • Our working targets and our salaries are based on placing candidates only, not by hitting activity levels. This means we won’t call you just for the sake of making ‘another canvass call’ we only call you if we have a talented candidate to offer you.
  •  We source hard to find talent so that you don’t have to. We then bring them right to your door.
  •  Candidates are often registered with us exclusively.
  •  A competitive guarantee period.
  • No VAT to pay – this is a substantial saving on your fee.
  • We can offer you (at your choice) a tailored service, including modular recruitment where you only pay for the recruitment services you require.

SOPHIE: 01902 375619 or 07811 469450 / e-mail:

Experts2Care Ltd company no – 8605688